Alumni Activities:


The Vidyaniketan Alumni Association is a vibrant community and is fortunate to have encompass former students engaged in a wide variety of occupations, vocations and businesses. It is indeed a strong point that it can draw from the varied experiences.

As a first step, Punarmilana 2015, the first ever reunion of the alumni, not only brought in former students from all over the world, but also provided an invaluable opportunity to facilitate a directory which enables everyone to keep in touch and draw from this vast repository of expertise.

Punarmilana 2018, the second grand reunion, is the path to drawing up a road map for further activities and exploring ways that the wider community can support the institution. It was during the event that the alumni-supported website of the school was also launched.

Career Guidance:
Medical Camp:
Academy for Creative Teaching: By Dr. Gururaj Karjagi