Alumni History:


The Vidyaniketan School Alumni Association has a rather serendipitous history. For several years, many of the batches which passed out of the school have been organizing informal reunions and meeting amongst themselves. In 2011, the batch of 1986 met to celebrate 25 years of leaving school. During the meeting, the idea of exploring means to stay in touch with the school as well as giving back, was floated. What began as an casual discussion amongst peers solidified into the formation of Snehanjali Trust with representation from a couple of batches. Through the trust, a few activities like medical camp for teachers and career counselling sessions for students of standard 10, were organised.

However, a more formal structure began to take shape a few years later. In September 2015, another set of former students (batch of 1987) met Dr. Jayarama Rao and senior teachers of the school. It was here that the idea of organizing a reunion of multiple batches was born. It quickly gained momentum and evoked widespread enthusiasm. The result was Punarmilana 2015, a mammoth day-long get together in December 2015 of over 700 students. The event was marked by much bonhomie and incredible camaraderie.

With the success of Punarmilana 2015, it was felt that it would be more meaningful to form an alumni association as a platform for former students and as a liaison between former students and the school. In tandem, the idea was to explore opportunities to support the school and work towards keeping the Vidyaniketan flag flying high. Thus was born Vidyaniketan School Alumni Association.

Three years after the first get together, it was felt that another one was imperative to not only strengthen the bonds of the Vidyaniketan community but also explore ways and means of being continually involved with the institution. The result is Punarmilana 2018, which provides the road map for furthering the association between former students and the organization.