Importance of State Board:

  • State Board gives preference to the regional language, culture, state level topics and concepts of local relevance.
  • The learner is encouraged to think, engage in activities and master skills and competencies. The materials presented in these books are integrated with values. The new books are not examination – oriented in their nature. On the other hand they help the learner in the total development of his/ her personality, thus help him/her become a healthy member of a healthy society and a productive citizen of this great country India.
  • Language textbooks are designed to help learners master communicative competencies, excellent comprehension, meaningful expression and efficient reference skills.
  • State Board uses Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in its grading system.


Special features of State Syllabus:

  • Connecting knowledge to life activities.
  • Learning to shift from rote methods.
  • Enriching the curriculum beyond textbooks.
  • Learning experiences for the construction of knowledge.
  • Making examinations flexible and integrating them with classroom experiences.
  • Caring concerns within the democratic policy of the country.
  • Make education relevant to the present and future needs.
  • Softening the subject boundaries integrated knowledge and the joy of learning.
  • The child The constructor of knowledge.

    State syllabus is easy for parents to guide their children then they can understand their child’s level.


    Other Special Features of our School Curriculum:

  • Cubs & Bul-Buls , Scouts and Guides activities
  • Bag less activities for Lower Primary classes on Saturdays.
  • Inculcate of our culture by celebrating Festivals.
  • We are following Creative Teaching Techniques.
  • To support the Sports & Literary sense in the children we celebrate Sports Day & Annual Days every year.
  • Quarterly News letter is releasing to reach the school activities.
  • Release of Magazine to support the hidden talents of the children.
  • Through wok shops and training programmes we upgrade the knowledge of teachers.,