Admissions preference is given to candidates who have qualified for High School from our middle School.
The remaining seats are for General Category – on merit .
Sl.No. Name Designation Qualification Subject Taught
Teaching Staff
1 LAKSHMINARAYANA AS Head Master B.A., B.Ed. Social & English
2 LAKSHMIDEVI B K Asst. Mistress B.Sc., B.Ed., Maths & Science
3 OM SHIVA PRASAD P.E. Teacher B.Sc., M.P.Ed., P.E
4 BHARATHI . C.S Asst. Mistress B.Sc., B.Ed., Maths & Science
5 VIJAYALAKSHMI.N Asst. Mistress B.Sc.,B.Ed., Science & English
6 SUMA.H.B Asst. Mistress B.Sc., B.Ed., Science & English
7 BHARATHI.B.S Asst. Mistress M.A., B.Ed., Kannada
8 SHIVALINGA RUDRAMURTHY S Sanskrit Teacher M.A., B.Ed., Sanskrit
9 NARENDRA BABU. T Asst. Master M.A., B.Ed., Kannada
10 VIJAYA B.N Asst. Mistress B.A., M.A., Social & English
11 NALINI.K Asst. Mistress B.Sc., B.Ed., Maths & Science
12 Pavan H.P Asst.Master B.A., B.Ed., Social & English
13 Shashikala T.S Assistant Mistress M.A., B.Ed., Hindi
14 GAYATHRI. H.N Comp. Teacher M.Sc., (I.T) Computer
15 TABASSUM SULTHANA Librarian B.B.M, B.Lib., Librarian
Non-Teaching Staff
16 MOHAN . H. R Office Assistant B.Sc.,
17 KAVYA.S Office Assistant B.Com.,
18 PAPANNA. Attender SSLC
19 SURESH Attender SSLC
20 NANJAPPA Watchman PUC
21 MANJAMMA Sweeper Illitrate
22 JAYAMMA Ayah Illitrate
24 JAYAMMA Sweeper Illitrate
25 Anusuyamma Ayah 7th Std