Vidyaniketan A Great place for education in bringing excellence to students.
Committed to lifelong learning in a caring environment.
We are the followers of NCF and NCERT syllabus prescribed by the Government of Karnataka ( State Board).

The objectives of the NCF & NCERT are :

1. Connecting knowledge to life activities.
2. Enriching the curriculum beyond text books.
3. Caring concerns with in the democratic policies of the countries.
4. Making education relevant to the present and future needs.
5. NCERT as an organisation committed to systemic reform and continuous improvement in the quality.
6. It encourages children to reflect on their own learning and pursue imaginative activities and question.

The motto of Vidyaniketan High school is to encourage the learner to think, engage in activities, master the skills and competencies. On the other hand they help the learner in all round development of his/her personality.

Teaching Subjects
1. Language
a.I Lan- Kannada/Sanskrit
b.II Lan- English
c.III Lan- Hindi/Kannada


2. Core Subjects
a. Maths
b. Science
c. Social Science

a. Life skills
b. Physical Education
c. Yoga
d. Computer Education
e. Socially Useful Productive Work